AI Powered Lead Generation & Funnel

Empower Your Sales with AGIS AI’s Advanced Lead Generation Suite

At AGIS AI, we offer a powerful Lead Generation Suite designed to streamline and enhance your sales process. Our suite leverages advanced AI capabilities to help you identify and score meaningful leads, build detailed company profiles, and manage your sales pipeline efficiently.

Key Features:

  1. Flexible Data Integration:
    • Upload JSON (Cloud): Easily upload your lead data in JSON format to our cloud-based system.
    • API Access (Cloud): Integrate your existing systems with our platform via our robust API.
    • Database Hook (On-Prem): Connect directly to your on-premises database, allowing seamless data integration.
  2. Automated Schema Derivation and Scoring Model:
    • Schema Derivation: Our AI automatically derives the schema from your data, simplifying the setup process.
    • Customizable Scoring Model: Build markers and refine the scoring model to match your explicit funnel requirements. Use natural language processing (NLP) to adjust and optimize the scoring model for more accurate lead evaluation.
  3. Web Scraping and Company Profiling:
    • Web Scraping Capabilities: Leverage our web scraping tools to crawl websites and gather detailed information about potential leads. Build comprehensive profiles that include company size, revenue estimates, and other relevant metrics.
    • Product Match Analysis: Analyze how well your products align with potential leads, helping you target the most promising opportunities.
  4. Sales Page and Lead Management:
    • Lead and Company Profiles: View all your current leads and their associated companies on a dedicated sales page. Get snapshots of profiles for quick and easy reference.
    • Pipeline Management: Track the status of your leads in a custom funnel, ensuring you stay on top of every opportunity.
  5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration:
    • Chrome Plugin: Utilize our Chrome plugin to extract results from your LinkedIn Sales Navigator searches directly into the AGIS funnel. This integration simplifies the process of capturing and managing leads from LinkedIn.

How It Works:

Our Lead Generation Suite starts by allowing you to integrate your data through various methods, including JSON uploads, API access, or direct database hooks. Once your data is integrated, our AI automatically derives the schema and builds markers for lead scoring.

Using our intuitive interface, you can refine the scoring model to match your funnel requirements. The AI’s natural language processing capabilities enable you to adjust the scoring model using simple, natural language commands. This makes it easy to customize and optimize your lead scoring criteria.

Our web scraping tools then crawl relevant websites to gather detailed company profiles. This includes analyzing company size, revenue estimates, and other crucial metrics, providing you with a comprehensive view of your potential leads. By understanding which leads match your product offerings best, you can focus your efforts on the most promising opportunities.

On the sales page, you can view and manage all your leads and their associated company profiles. This centralized view allows you to track the progress of each lead through your custom funnel, ensuring that no opportunity is missed.

Additionally, our Chrome plugin for LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes it effortless to capture leads directly from your LinkedIn searches. This integration streamlines the process of adding new leads to your AGIS funnel, making your sales efforts more efficient and effective.

Why Choose AGIS AI’s Lead Generation Suite?

Our Lead Generation Suite combines advanced AI technology with intuitive tools to help you identify, score, and manage leads more effectively. By automating key aspects of the lead generation process and providing powerful customization options, we enable your sales team to focus on what they do best: closing deals and driving business growth.

Transform your lead generation with AGIS AI. Contact us today to learn more about how our innovative solutions can help your business succeed.